Start today on the banks of the Turag Ijtema

Starting today, the World Muslim Congregation. Meanwhile, millions of devotees gathered on the banks of the river Turag in Tongi Ijtema Maidan. Ignoring the strong winter they spent the night in worship. Since last night, the worshipers of God, in the hope of getting close to the field position Ijtema Zikr-ajagare is preoccupied. Fajr starts with the statement dropped across the Muslim world today is the second largest in the first phase of the summit. January 10, it will end with the closing prayer. Tabligh Muslim Congregation in the field of practice Thursday after three days of Fajr, orderly place, worshiped the rules and what to do about the statement said. After the statement was officially started with morning prayers at the second large gathering of Muslims. The first phase of the Ijtema 51st invitation Tabligh began Friday. In the meantime, millions of devotees from home and abroad have become fascinated Ijtema ground perspective. Mehanatakarira still coming in groups. Friday, the country’s largest Muslim Congregation will be held Friday prayers in the field. About 5 million devotees join the congregation to do the Friday prayers, the organizers had hoped. Dhaka and Gazipur district and the surrounding district, a large number of worshipers at Friday prayers in large part be. Meanwhile, relatives of many Tongi and surrounding areas are home position. The first phase of worshipers take part in the 17th district. Ñ ​​districts cover a portion of the district (khitta numbers 1-6), Sherpur (7), Narayanganj (8 and 11), district (9), Sirajganj (10), Natore (1), district (13), Lakshmipur (14 and 15 ), Sylhet (16 and 17), Chittagong (18 and 19), narail (0), Madaripur (1), Bhola (X and 3), Magura (4), Patuakhali (5), jhalokati (6) and BSS ( khitta No. 7). The first episode of the Muslim Congregation will end on Sunday with the closing prayer. The second phase will begin on 15 January, four days after the break. The second phase will cover part of the page with the rest of the 16 districts Tabligh followers. Nebena part of the second phase of the district, Netrokona, Faridpur, Jamalpur, Narsingdi, Rajshahi, Kurigram, Bogra, Thakurgaon, Feni, Comilla, Sunamganj, Khulna, Jhenidah, Chuadanga and Pirojpur worshipers. During a field visit, convention to take part in the boat, bus, truck, scooter, legunasaha thousands of people have been using different vehicles. On Wednesday, tens of thousands of worshipers ijatemasthale has come from the country and abroad. Jamatabaddha worshipers were assigned to the field in groups of Muslim Congregation (khittaya) are in need of goods and bags. The first phase of the three-day World Ijtema will end on January 8 with the concluding prayer. Millions of devotees from home and abroad, as far away from far-off places and Kamarparha Tongi Station Road, causing traffic congestion in the surrounding area abdullahapurasaha bisbaijatema ground. Kamarparha road from the Station Road congestion themei to stop from morning until noon. The ground on the north side of the road to enter the field of the foreign key is musallisaha northern Muslims. And the freight truck, causing traffic congestion in the traffic legunasaha other. Iman convention next three days, the period, the statement of principles akhalakasaha Tabligh six avenge or else their peak. This year, the first phase and the second phase of the 16 districts in 16 counties will take part worshipers. Part 3 of the convention will be held in 017 worshipers. Tabligh Jamaat in various districts of the emirs of the devotees informed the organizers said. Convention to ensure the safety of the devotees of the four-level security measures have been taken. The Control Center has been placed in the ground around the police and RAB. CCTV cameras and watch towers in the area are in the security surveillance. World Muslim Congregation at the president. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia gave separate messages. The President said in his message, Bangladesh every year successfully hosted the World Muslim Congregation has enhanced the image of the world stage. So I give thanks to God are tens of thousands. He said that Islam is a religion of peace. Islamic ideal of mankind provision path. We can achieve the overall well-being by following the ideals of the true Islam. Muslims from different countries around the world, with the convention from across the country come to learn and understand the way Islam and Muslims intersect that is accessible to many. Muslim scholars should discuss the direction of the Muslim world is headed. World Muslim Congregation of the Islamic Ummah unity, solidarity and brotherhood, I believe that consolidation will play a significant role. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in her message, one of the largest assembly of world Muslims on the occasion of the World Muslim Congregation, I extend our warmest wishes to Muslim communities in the country and the world and congratulated. The World Muslim Congregation at Tongi on the outskirts of the capital on the banks of the river Turag marmabani Islam has made significant contributions to the promotion and expansion. He said that the foreign guests of the convention for the abahamanakala our cherished secular consciousness, simplicity and genuine hospitality and tolerance in the international arena can be reached Alokbarta. I hope, this great religious assembly unique role in the establishment of world peace. All sections of the country and the world and the Muslim Ummah unity, solidarity and brotherhood ties will be further strengthened. The BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, on the occasion of the World Muslim Congregation wished peace and welfare of the Muslim world are desabasisaha. Our warmest wishes and congratulated them. He said that all people around the world envy, hatred, violence, conflict and violence can become free to live a happy and colorful. On the occasion of the World Muslim Congregation on Thursday afternoon, he said in a message sent to the media. She said, “dharmabhiru countless people around the convention participating countries continued happiness, peace and good luck. In another message, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday, starting the Ijtema She also wished success to come from abroad in the field of Muslim Congregation swing that millions of Muslims prayers, can be done Zikr-Asghar said he prayed for God. Joint Secretary (Department in charge) all the information in a message signed by the Advocate Rizvi said. Muslim Congregation elders of the field, however, by the preaching of the church is held every year, the World Muslim Congregation. Tabligh Jamaat elders of all the field work is done through consultation. The electricity, water, marquee, gas supply, each works through a different group is done. Muslims are followers of the Muslim countries around the world took part in the preaching of the church. They heard the testimony and preaching of the church’s top religious scholars in Islamic da’wah to the world to reach out to jamatabaddha. Jelaoyari the convention to participate in the second phase of enforcers pyandelake 9 is divided into two khittaya. Musulligana take part in the 16 districts. Khitta According to the district are the No. 1 to No. 7 khittaya covered in the rest of the region, 8 khittaya Jhenaidaha, 9 and 11 No. khittaya Jamalpur, No. 10 khittaya Faridpur, 1, and No. 13 khittaya netrakana, 14 and 15 and No. khittaya Narsingdi, 16 and 18 No. khittaya Comilla, 17 khittaya Kurigram, 19 and 0. No. khittaya Rajshahi, Barisal khittaya No. 1, two No. khittaya Thakurgaon, Sunamganj khittaya No. 3, No. 4 and 5 khittaya Bogra, Khulna khittaya 6 and No. 7, No. 8 and chuadanga khittaya No. 9 khittaya musulligana respondents Pirojpur district. Meanwhile, duparbera the convention of the capital, including the chance to take part in the 3 districts musulligana itself, but the rest of the 3 districts of Gazipur musulligana not join the global convention. 3 The rest of the 017 districts in the musulligana to have access to the World Muslim Congregation ansagranera convention organizing committee, senior Giasuddin Ahmed said. Minister of religious affairs visited the Ijtema ground: minister of religious affairs in the field of Matiur Rahman on Thursday visited the World Muslim Congregation. After visiting the World Muslim Congregation mayadanasanlagna minister Hamdard free medical camp was inaugurated mannunaganara neighborhood. He said Islam is the religion of humanity. In order to establish this Islam here are working sincerely. Everybody is working in range to thank everyone for. Foreign guests: Fireball over a hundred countries around the World Muslim Congregation in the field of foreign devotees are expected to arrive. The sources said that the organizing committee of the Muslim Congregation at Tongi, at least 140 countries around the world, the Muslim Congregation in the field 0 of the foreign guests will attend. However, the foreign guests who are in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, the majority of them were rather suddenly carry the influx of the way. Muslim Congregation for the field they are in today’s Friday, is expected to take the tent. Special train services: the prayer until the closing stages of the World Ijtema in Tongi, Dhaka-bound train at the railway station in the 8 to give a two-minute break. Closing prayer can wake up the next day so that worshipers tiketadhari Sundarbans, pigeon, coast, egarasindhur, unity, Agnibeena, nilasagara, Joyontika, silkasiti, Padma and its twilight train at Tongi station will give a two-minute break. World Ijtema history: Tongi near Dhaka, the capital of the millions of devout Muslims on the occasion of the World Meeting of ijatemake suddenly it did. World Muslim Congregation pracestaya relentlessly dedicated followers first began preaching Since its inception in 1946, the mosque kakaraila. Since its inception in 1948, Haji Muslim Congregation was held at the camp in the city. Then, in 1958, was held at the Narayanganj Muslim Congregation. Then it was known as the Muslim Congregation. But the increasing number of participants every year convention in 1966, Pagan at Tongi Ijtema is held in the playground. In the same year, the first in Bangladesh, devout Muslims from around the world took part. And, to be known as the World Muslim Congregation. Since 1967, the World Muslim Congregation settled on the banks of the River Turag in Tongi coming every year. About 160 acres of the north-eastern shore of the river Turag illegal buildings (almost 175 acres) of land on the land has been held regularly samiana displayed. In 1995, the Bangladesh government has provided written consent to be held at the World Muslim Congregation.

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