Obama himself was surprised and cried openly removal

83616_115US President Barack Obama said he was surprised over the woman in public! Obama weeps profusely during the announcement of controls on the use of guns. Recalls that 01 children were killed in the attacks.

Obama told CNN news crying, “In fact, I …. I think, for the moment, many people are surprised. ‘He said,’ I told you before, it (killing) is still haunted me. The day was the worst day of my term. ”

01 14 December. The US state of Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School in niutaunera lyanja shot 0-year-old Adam. 6 people, he shot himself.

The United States and around the world is very much aware of the incident. Using the sound of gun control in the United States. Of late, however, he heard the sound of the United States have set ears. The announcement came on Tuesday, Barack Obama gun control.


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