In November last year, one of the fugitive

83684_125In November last year, one of the fugitive suspects in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels in one of the flats were hiding from the police official said.

The authorities in Belgium, in Brussels last month, police raided the apartment.

Salah abadeslamera fingerprints found the suspect hiding, was found bomb-making material-Spice sample, and three suicide bomb belt.

The so-called Islamic State (ISO), the members of the 130 people killed in the bombing run.

Then look for the attackers in France and neighboring Belgium, the operation is underway. Ten suspects have already been arrested for the attack.

The suspect, a Belgian-born French citizen Salah abedaslama away. There was no trace of her.

Belgian officials in Brussels third apartment that was raided last month Salah abadeslamera fingerprints were found there.

This apartment in Paris, a place where the attack was said to have appeared in the morning, a suspected attacker.

It is believed to be planning attacks on the Paris braselasei.

Officials, Salah abadeslama for a few days after the attacks was hiding in the apartment, they predict.

Authorities say the apartment was rented as a fake name. Kausulira government says that there are already in police custody as a suspected bomber may have been renting flats.

Police operations have been recovered from the esitona peroxide, which is used to make explosives.
In the meantime, there have been rescued from the hands of the three suicide bomb belt. Source: BBC


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