In Britain, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan special arrangements for students


Britain’s Muslim students during Ramadan fasting may well test the government changed the test schedule.

The government says the coming summer season, the new schedule will be effective from June.

Government officials say the tests, GCSE and A-level lebhelsa that matters more than the number of students, such as English and mathematics, where Muslim students were able to check in advance.

Verily, the day of the Muslim fasting test so the children could have been in the system, they said.

Government officials, school students, teachers and parents at the rising demand on the part of these measures have been taken.

Parents often complain if, in Britain long period of fasting, is 1820 hours. So long as the examination of the effect on fasting students were almost sick.

8.1 per cent of Muslim students studying in Britain.

Britain has welcomed a decision to move ahead with the exam timetable of the teachers’ organization, the Association of School and College Leaders.

Malcolm traba president of the Muslim month of fasting students can play well so we active.


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