A landing on the moon was full movie scene

Americans landing on the moon on the issue in an interview with the famous American film director Stanley kubarika created controversy all over again. He said the US moon landing was a cinematic view of the whole event. He was holding those views. According to him, the event was designed as a movie script.Patrick miure recently published interview that the filmmaker. In 1999, three days before the death of Patrick miure claim kubarika Stanley gave him the interview. But this time he did not reveal it.However, her husband said Stanley kubarika wife Christina kubarika fake interview. He claimed that Christina did not interview any of this.Sending people to the moon in 1969, demand in the United States. But many scientists around the world have questioned the authenticity of all ages. Generally, according to the American on the moon by NASA sending people into a drama was just unfolding.In the developed world, many scientists believed the moon was shooting the drama plays are arranged in remote desert areas where no one can understand. US directors in Hollywood movies are so incredible that all that happens to them is not a simple matter of shooting the conquest of the moon. Some scientists said the Moon Deluxe victory. They claimed, was directed by American director Stanley kubarika this false story. It was on the issue of Interview kubarika natunakare hayechebijnanira controversy again criticized NASA technology, which was developed in 1969 by NASA’s something people can go to the moon. A portion of the space drama Apollo 11 spacecraft was descending. Or is it really the man on the moon, the biggest fraud in the history of the people of the world, it is more concentrated in the US rocket technology after the statement of the theory of the casing where the proponent of the bill. In 1974 he wrote a book, the book was given the title of America’s 30-billion-dollar fraud. In this book, he never mentioned that we did not go to the moon. With the world on the moon was a fraud.The book also mentions the Apollo 11 spacecraft into space, some time after the launch, the spacecraft disappeared. A military cargo plane Lunar capsule with three astronauts then removed, and eight days after the capsule is thrown into the Pacific Ocean. NASA spacecraft and military patrols through the harsh desert of Nevada and the conquest of the moon is staged.After landing astronauts on the moon, there are a few pictures and videos were taken and some of the stones they brought from the moon. Pictures of the stones to the real proof of the moon.Who staged the moon landings people feel that they have some arguments in favor of it as evidence. Or see the stars in the night sky from Earth, so the moon in the night sky star tarakaguloke to show more brilliant. But the images that the astronauts took to the moon, and the moon in the sky, they have not seen any of the films. After returning astronauts to the moon, said there is no oxygen or air as a result it is not possible to live a normal one minute. But the astronauts to the moon can be seen in the pictures that were taken on the moon planted the American flag flying in the air. If you do not wind on the moon, flying their flag in the air and how. What is it, then the air!As seen in the film where astronauts had landed there, in the shadow of the things that cross each other and have different things to different shadows. If the light source, the sun, but the moon is just a shadow of the object to be parallel to each other do not intersect. If there were to be used in artificial light while shooting!However, this is the biggest event in human history was the conquest of the moon mission telemetry data later found. NASA, however, said that the data from the lost gechekintu important historical data from them is a question of how it was lost. In addition to these facts, there is a small moon hidden success stories of many unresolved questions. Moon astronauts involved in the conquest of the moon after winning the killed astronauts Gus grisama name. The idea, he wanted to tell the world about America’s cheating tactics, he was put to death. Many questions remain about the easy victory of the moon, which could give a logical answer is still America.Source: Reuters.

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